Creating Your Own Day-of Timeline, the Easy Way!

The wedding day is full of so many different details, plans, and people that it’s almost impossible to remember everything – even if your memory was fantastic!

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The inter-workings of a wedding timeline is even more intricate and even more stressful because forgetting something could cause an entire chain reaction of other things to be forgotten…….. like a series of dominos falling down one after the other.

Having the day-of wedding timeline done and not having to wonder if your vendors or your bridal party know when to show up or if the DJ knows what time to be there can give you the best kind of peace of mind on your big day.

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While we do want to express the seriousness of a timeline, don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t thought about this quite yet!

The wedding day timeline doesn’t need to be done until you are much closer to the wedding day – think about 4-6 weeks out. This timeframe is good so you don’t have to rework it too many times unnecessarily.

So how should you create a timeline for your wedding day, the easy way?

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First, start by reverse engineering your entire day based on when you have to leave the reception hall.

For instance, if you have to leave at midnight, start your timeline from there and work backwards.

Second, add in the ceremony time. These two are the biggest anchors in your day and likely the two times of the day you know for certain.

Third, determine if you are going to take wedding photos before the ceremony or in between the ceremony and reception. If you are doing a first look before the ceremony, you can consider doing photos before the ceremony to make it easier in between ceremony and reception. You can also avoid having to wrangle a lot of people who partook in bubbly libations who could potentially get too unruly or sloppy later in the day.

Fourth, add in what time you are getting ready. If you have hair and makeup booked at certain times in the morning add those times in to the front of the timeline. If you can list out everyone’s appointments, you can enlist your MOH or someone else to ensure that everyone knows when their appointment is and to ensure they arrive.

After you add in those anchors, you can add in all the other details you need to to make your day run smoothly.

The time line can then be given out to not only your bridal party but also all your vendors and venues. This way, every one is on track and knows when to show up!

Need a timeline template? Download our timeline template here.