New trends we love & trends we want to stay!

Every year bridal trends evolve and change. Each time the trends change, we get so excited! We love to see what is new and trending for the next year. It is also always exciting when Pantone releases their color of the year (Pantone’s color this year? Talk about dreamy and whimsical). There are so many awesome ideas it’s hard for us to choose our favorites, so we won’t! Each year we love certain new trends but there is just something about the classics we just can’t get enough of. Now, onto the list! First up- trends we want to STAY!

Any kind of garland– you can really incorporate any type of garland into your decor- pompoms, paper, flowers, or greenery. It really finishes a space and brings a light and fun aspect to your event. I (Vanessa here!) am especially loving live greenery garland. It’s so versatile and can be “dressed up or down.” Add roses for a classic look, keep it green for a earthy and boho-inspired feel, or mix it up with herbs and a variety of other greens for a truly unique feel.


Whimsical color palettes – think, muted and pastel colors looking extra gorgeous all melded together in bouquets, decor, bridesmaid dresses, and table linens. Blush, pastel blues, dreamy greens, ivory, creams- oh my word. This is another thing I cannot get enough of. I mean, what isn’t there to love?


Metallics- metallics in anything is so amazing right now. We’ve seen it not only in accents and in decor, but also in the brides bouquets. Whether it’s copper, silver, gold, or any other metal- you cannot go wrong when incorporating metals into your color theme on your big day. Patrick thinks this helps make the photographs so much more interesting and look AWESOME when converting these photos to black and white!


Different desserts– we love how brides are straying from the traditional cakes and exploring other types of sweets to satisfy their crowd. It makes the wedding reception unique to them and people are certain to remember how tasty and different they were!

NOW- onto the list of stuff we can’t WAIT to see in 2017!


Layered and flowy dresses – it seems that those flowy, twirly, lovely gowns are coming back and man are they gorgeous. It’s so fun to see a bride in a dress like that, twirling around with her groom on the dance floor. It also makes for some awesome photographs! I really, really loves high waisted silhouettes!


Polaroid cameras – this one excites Patrick. Polariods are so much fun and are so easy to pass around to all your party guests. You can really get a great feel for how your guests are enjoying your reception by the photos they take on their own! Then, you can round up all the photos after you have people sign them and stick them in a book- boom! A personalized guest book of your night. Check out this link for the Polaroid we use (super easy to use!!!). Such a great idea!!


Live musicians – if you can opt for both live and emcee service, it is certainly the way to go. We love the idea of a live musician or band playing songs to really get your guests in party mode. There are so many services out there for this that you can have any type of live music you desire! This is another way to make sure your guests remember your big day,


Wedding planners, not just Pinterest!  Pinterest has a lot of good ideas- don’t get me wrong, I have boards on boards on boards of stuff I’ve pinned that I KNOW I will look at later…eventually….sometime…..I hope. But! Pinterest can also do more harm than good. While we recommend using it to help you decide the feel and look you like for your wedding day, we don’t suggest taking Pinterest too serious. Get a good idea of the things you like by pinning without reason at first. After that, sift through your pins and see what common themes arise. Then, hire a wedding planner! The beauty of wedding planner is a lot of them offer day-of coordination. You won’t have to worry about a thing when your day comes.

We can’t wait to see what else pops up in 2017!!

Vanessa and Patrick