TIP- How to take great photos with your phone!

There are SO many great tools available for people who are interested in taking basic photos and making them custom! There are new apps coming on the market daily so there is something out there to satisfy your demands. These apps are great for bloggers and people who post on social media a lot. They help you take great photos, and they allow you to add text & graphics, make banners & feature images, and create some kick-ass stuff if you want! 
The real key to using one of these apps is to having a really killer picture to start with. How can you do that? Well, right with your phone of course! We are very much invested in products named after a VERY specific fruit, but there are some really awesome apps out there for any mobile device platform that you may use.

  1. So, what are the first steps in creating some awesome photos right from your phone?
    Take them! Don’t be shy. The more photos you take, the more your skill develops, and the better the pictures become. Snap away!
  2. Make sure your lenses are CLEAN and CLEAR. Wiping them down before you take your shot ensures there is no halo effect. Unless, of course, you want that
  3. Check your light. We always discuss this, and it truly can make or break a great photograph (this applies to phones and cameras alike). Natural, off-camera light is the best. Think of- open curtains, lamps turned on, natural light that is behind the subject. This step alone creates some great photos.
  4. Making your subject matter. If you are shooting to use on a blog or on social media, sometimes you want a strong shot or portrait. There is a time and place for that. But often times, the best photos for these kind of situations are a bit more ambiguous. They are shots of people talking, but not always of their face. It could be computers and laptops out on a desk but no one at the desk. It can be a shot of a desk with a few coffee mugs and notebooks on it. If you are looking for ideas for celebrations, it may end up being some shots of confetti and some party hats or poppers; a few glasses of champagne being clinked in the air with a few hands in the shot. These photos really do make the best option for these scenario.
  5. Consider the rule of thirds when composing a frame. This is a photography trick and it basically means this: take your frame and divide it into three columns and three rows. If you think about it with regards to geometry, you get 9 even sized boxes. If you want something strong and intense, consider placing your subject in the middle three boxes (either horizontal or vertical). If you move to the outer boxes in your frame, you start to create more dynamic photos with interesting composition. Take the same photo two or three ways while applying this rule and you can pick and choose what works. We suggest using the outside boxes when creating a photo that you want to lay text on. It’s sometimes hard to see the text over top of a subject that is in the middle of a frame or that takes up most of the frame.
  6. Have fun! Take pictures of what you want or photos that you would want to see. It makes it way easier to take a lot of pictures if you enjoy what you are photographing!

These are just a few tips we suggest for making sure you are optimizing your photographs. It is such a great feeling to take nice, quality photos to use however you please!