Styles of wedding photography

It has to be fairly difficult to sift and sort through a bunch of different styles of photographs you like. There are so many different photographers and styles out there! If you looked at my own personal Pinterest board you’d find that some of it looks styled, some of it looks candid, some are black and white, some are color, and then others are some combination of other elements I love! There are a variety of styles out there but we tend to see two main photography styles. Let’s run through the two main styles of photography you’ll find in any city or area- not to say there isn’t more than two styles but these are going to be the two styles you will see most often (especially in wedding photography).

Stylized– stylized photography is the beautiful shots you see of couples posed to perfection and not a hair out of place. As a photographer I love these and the opportunity to shoot like this. We find ourselves able to do this best in stylized shoots and when couples give us ample time to photograph. These are going to be a lot of the images you’ll find on Pinterest and when you find wedding blogs. Cara and Gabe were such a fun couple because they were very into the idea of stylizing some of their wedding photos. The shot below that is from an early January 2017 stylized shoot. I love to work on posing in these scenarios and it definitely makes for some cool photographs! 

Storytelling- this is where we LOVE to live as a photography company. We shoot to capture the day and we want to make images and frames that put you back in the moment. When you are back in the moment you can relive that emotion- how cool is that?! These are more raw moments- they’ll be the moments your hair is brushed in your face from twirling, it’s the picture of the tear down your cheek when you see your sweetie, it’s the laughing from grandma during the reception. These are such cool images because they allow you to become transported right back into that moment to feel the same raw emotion time and time again. We are trying to tell the narrative of your day as it unfolds.

Most wedding photographers do both- so you are in luck! Make sure you check out the portfolio of your top choices to ensure your styles mesh. It’s also a good idea to start an inspiration board before you meet with photographers so you can share your style to make sure they understand what you are looking for! Above all, make sure you like and trust your photographer or photography company because they are tasked with creating timeless memories for you.