A Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Wedding with Haley and Brennan

A Rock and Roll (Hall of Fame) Wedding with Haley and Brennan

Old Stone Church, Downtown CLE
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Downtown Cleveland

What can be said about this amazing day at Old Stone Church and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame wedding that the images don’t already say?

Well, I’ll give it a shot. This wedding party was incredible, and we were so honored to spend the whole day with them! What’s really awesome is that the bride and groom both live in Florida but chose to have the wedding here in the CLE. For what it’s worth, Haley is from Cleveland, but we always love when people want to come BACK to the CLE to celebrate something as special as their wedding.

We hadn’t shot at the Old Stone Church before this wedding, and what a treat that was! It’s not often you get the chance to shoot at a location that is 150+ years and with such amazing architecture and history. It was really a thrill for us!

But guys, come on – the wedding party was way too much fun! Constant laughing and joking, but so supporting at the same time. We’re so happy that the bridal party was as on-the-ball as they were too – it rained all morning (but don’t worry, it held off all the way until deep into the reception!) and they volunteered to carry the umbrellas and other random things that we brought in case it started to come down while we were exploring downtown Cleveland and taking wedding photos.

Couple fun facts about the wedding day!

  • We narrowly avoided the rain – it stopped raining about a half hour before the ceremony and held off until late at night
  • It was only in the 30’s – the bridal party were troopers!
  • By request, we stopped at the Lebron poster and The Jake to take photos (no way I could resist either of those!)
  • The toasts were epic…. and the bride’s cousins sang their toast to the tune of the “Pokemon” theme song … it was awesome
  • We had free-reign of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. So amazing!

Hope you love the photos as much as we loved reliving the day!