Our favorite apps!

It’s no surprise that we are just as tied to our phones as everyone else is, and we sometimes feel even MORE tied to them because of our business!

Smart phones are amazing now-a-days because they do so much for you. They do more than they have ever done before! They can do a multitude of things like edit photos, save or invest money, look for design inspiration and so much more!

These are some of the apps we love to use and love to get lost in:

  1. Boomerang- this app takes short little bursts of photos and puts it into a little slide show that automatically loops into a gif. The gif plays the photos like a gif forward and then automatically loops it backward. It then repeats and repeats. Our oldest loves to make the videos of him dancing to watch over and over. Best uses (we’ve found) are little kids dancing, clinking wine glasses, blowing kisses, and making silly faces. It works well with Instagram (which is our most favorite app <3 <3) so it’s a win-win. Download it and tag us with your videos! #zeefoto
  2. Digit– this app is awesome. If you’ll allow it, it syncs with your bank account, analyzes your financial situation and spending habits in order to effectively save money for you. It does this by making small auto transfers to your digit savings account as often as you allow it to (monthly, weekly, daily). It adjusts as you spend and it really makes saving easy and painless. A must have for those (like us) who would rather leave saving money to someone else.
  3. Acorns– This is SUPER cool. This app allows you to take a small amount of money and invest it. What is even more beautiful is it will round up your purchases and invest that money. This one does require access to your bank account again, but it’s a very cool thing to take the odd cents on each purchase and put it in an investment fund. While it may be a small amount at first, those few cents each transaction can add up before you know it. And you won’t even MISS that money!
  4. Stellar– What a cool app. It’s like if a magazine married a social network and had a baby. People create online magazines with their photos and you can flip through them and “view” their story. It is such a (good) time waster and we love to see people’s photographs. Anyone can enjoy this app! You choose the photos right from your phone and create these mini-digital magazines for others to view and like (like Instagram). This one is really, REALLY cool.
  5. Phonto– This app helps you easily place text over photographs for things like Instagram and Facebook. I like it because it’s extremely easy to use and manipulate the text all around the photo. You can make some cute pics for social media!
  6. Timebox– this app takes all of your pictures and organizes them automatically by stories based on the day the photos were taken. It’s super great because you can view your “story” from a certain day and even from a certain year. We also love that it automatically does it for you!

What are some of your favorite apps? What do you love that makes your life easier? We’d love to hear them!