Married! Monica and Sean full wedding

Monica & Sean

Ceremony: St. Rita’s church in Solon Ohio

Reception: Beachwood embassy Suites hotel in Beachwood Ohio

Wedding photos: East 4th downtown Cleveland, Playhouse Square Downtown Cleveland, and The Flats in Downtown Cleveland.

Working with Monica and Sean was absolutely amazing. This couple has so much energy and life, and shares so much love that it is just hard to not feel happy when you’re around them.

We had such an amazing time capturing their wedding day.

The day started around 11 or so where we captured the bridal parties getting ready and some family shots at the Beachwood Embassy Suites hotel, as well as the amazing “Not-First Look.” Monica and Sean decided they didn’t want to do a traditional first look, but wanted to have a photograph to convey a sense of togetherness before the ceremony, even with them being apart …. scroll down a bit and see that photo!

After the hotel shots and the Not-First Look we shot the reception at St. Rita’s in Solon, Ohio. The church is one of the most beautiful hidden gems! We personally had never shot there before and were so surprised at the amazing lighting and atmosphere the church has.

From there we headed to Downtown Cleveland – specifically Playhouse Square and the Flats for bridal portraits before the party got underway back at the Beachwood Embassy Suites.

Hope you enjoy!

– pz

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