When We Knew We Were Wedding Photographers!

Sometimes we forget to look back to see how far we have truly come with wedding photography! We are just so immersed in our business and our couples that we forget how we got to this point in time and when we “knew” we were doing what we should be doing. We love what we do and are so lucky to do it. So, how did we get here?

Patrick is technically and classically trained in photography- he has been obsessed with all things related to it for longer than a decade (I don’t want to date him, but we are closing in on two decades here!!). He considered going to college for it but ended up deciding on a marketing degree.

He could never actually shake the bug and kept trying to pull me, Vanessa, into it. I’ve never been behind a camera, I had always been in front of it. I figured there was absolutely no way I could photograph worth a damn let alone second shoot at weddings. What, did he lose his mind?!?

Patrick decided to pick his hobby back up by shooting families, headshots, and small other projects. After much convincing, I also picked up a camera. I looked at the photos I had taken and thought to myself “well, these aren’t terrible! Maybe I can learn a bit more and get better!” We were approached to shoot our first wedding together and the rest is history…..

Patrick felt like a wedding photographer about 2 years in to it. He started to really fall in love with wedding photography around then too as he’d never really done it earlier in his life. He recalls being in the middle of wedding season that second year and just reflecting on how awesome it was that we were asked to be such a huge part of a couples day.

He said he felt like he could finally label himself as a true wedding photographer after continuous meetings and consulting with clients on best places to get married, best timelines, and just best practices in general. It really made him feel like an expert in the field. He also started to understand what couples needed during their day and what they needed us to do for them at this point!

I felt it took me longer. I always felt like I was pretending since I wasn’t classically trained and had no working background in the craft. I always deferred to Patrick when there was a shot to take, a pose to create, or a decision to make regarding photography.

It took about three years to feel comfortable, and this past wedding season to really feel like I’d made it and could proudly state I was a wedding photographer. Like I really belonged in this industry and wasn’t playing pretend! I kept getting compliments from Patrick on my shots, composition, and lighting and started to really fall in love with the craft. I realized that you can shoot from emotion and feeling and create great photos. No classical training required!

We are so thankful for this journey – we are so honored and humbled to be chosen to spend time on a very intimate day. We get invited into the lives of our couples and their families on one of the most emotion-filled days of their life. We love what we do and we pinch ourselves all the time wondering how we got so lucky to do it!