Married! Katy & Kevin’s Amazing Cleveland Arcade Wedding

Cleveland Hyatt Arcade

Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

Well, let’s just take a moment to recognize a truly in love couple that had a truly amazing wedding in Downtown Cleveland at the Hyatt Arcade!

Katy and Kevin actually live in NYC but have roots here in CLE. They originally met at the College of Wooster and have been together ever since. After graduation Katy and Kevin moved to NYC where they live in Manhattan.

Their wedding ceremony was just incredible – held a week before Christmas at the Downtown Hyatt Arcade, they were able to really take advantage of the amazing decorations and atmosphere the venue provided.

We spent the whole day at the Arcade so that we didn’t need to brave the cold weather, and it was totally wonderful. The mood of the day was related and loving, and full of family and friends.

Vanessa spent time with the girls at Marengo spa while they got their hair and makeup done, while I hung with the guys and goofed around listening to music and BSing (this is a pretty common theme). After everyone was ready and dressed we elected to do a first look and bridal portraits pre-ceremony. We love doing this if possible. The first look really is a truly intimate moment between bride and groom and the emotions that we capture are phenomenal.

Our first look was on a winding staircase at the Arcade – we had Katy standing at the first midway up with an amazing view of the venue. . We were set up so that when Kevin walked up the first few stairs he would turn the corner and be able to see his bride.

Guys, the looks on their faces was well worth the planning and orchestration to pull this off! Just wait til you see the photos 🙂

Our bridal portraits were all taken inside the Arcade, and the ceremony took place shortly after that.

Katy and Kevin have some remarkably talented friends and family. Katy’s parents played guitar and sang as guests were being ushered to their seats, their friends played piano and sang, and Kevin’s father was the officiant. Guys, they even had a world class bagpiper playing the recessional music. It was truly awesome.

We hope you love these photos, we know that we sure do!

– pz

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