How to Hire an Awesome & Epic Cleveland (or another city!) Wedding Photography Duo

Woah! We spend all this time talking about how you should find a photographer, or what you should ask your photog when you meet with them, or how many times you should meet your photog- but we NEVER stopped to talk about how you ACTUALLY hire an awesome and epic photography duo once you find one you like! So, today’s blog post is dedicated to how you can go about doing just that.

You’ve done your research and you’ve found a perfect fit for you and your big day. That is amazing and congrats!!! That is a huge step and likely a huge weight off of your shoulders. Way to go! We recommend doing the following before you commit seeing the contract:

  1. If you have not already, check out their reviews on their FB page, WeddingWire, Google, or etc. Make sure you read what other people have said about working with them. You’ll be spending a big portion of if not the entire day with them so you want to make sure they are easy to get along with.
  2. Ask to see another gallery of photos if they don’t have a bunch on their website or other social media accounts. You should also ask if to see more if they haven’t shown you an entire delivered wedding or if you are getting married in a location that they have shot before.
  3. Inquire how the payments are split up, if applicable. Some photogs do payments over time (we do- we think it’s much easier on our couples) and some do a few other options for payment. This allows you to be prepared!
  4. Ask them to send you the contract to look over and read before you actually sign it. This gives you plenty of time to read over everything in there to make sure it makes sense to you and that you agree with it.
  5. Make sure that it’s a decision you and your future spouse agree on! If the photography duo doesn’t mesh with your style or your personality consider interviewing a few more. You want to make sure that the people you choose are people you trust to do a great job and deliver you exactly what you want!
  6. Sign that contract and pat yourself on the back- you did it! One of the hardest parts of your wedding is done! Yahoo!!!

We hope this helps you with the process of hiring a photography duo for your wedding day. We know there are a lot of unknowns and stressors during the planning process and this shouldn’t be one of them. Planning should be exciting, fun, and as stress-free as possible! Happy planning 🙂