graduate student girl at case western reserve university

GRAD! Lauren’s Graduation Portraits

Lauren Graduates from Case Western Reserve University

Case Western University, Cleveland, Ohio

Lauren completed her Masters program at CRWU duriZFP_9792 ZFP_9797 ZFP_9799 ZFP_9803 ZFP_9806 ZFP_9812 ZFP_9817 ZFP_9824 ZFP_9827 ZFP_9830 ZFP_9839 ZFP_9840 ZFP_9845 ZFP_9849 ZFP_9857 ZFP_9865 ZFP_9874 ZFP_9885 ZFP_9886 ZFP_9887 ZFP_9893 ZFP_9895 ZFP_9898 ZFP_9903 ZFP_9905 ZFP_9913 ZFP_9919 ZFP_9923 ZFP_9926 ZFP_9937 ZFP_9953 ZFP_9970 ZFP_9977 ZFP_9988 ZFP_9992 ZFP_9993 ZFP_9997ng the summer semester 2015. In leu of returning to Cleveland during the middle of winter for the graduation ceremony (Lauren lives in sunny California), she elected to take graduation portraits for her family, and as a send off from university.