How to Find an Epic Wedding Photographer in Cleveland (and beyond!)



We all spend so much time on social media. Not only do we spend time catching up and staying connected to others all over the globe, we also use it for research. We research companies, brands, and influencers and often times the searches start on social media. There are a few platforms you can use, but the main two platforms we find people on are and on heavily are Instagram and Facebook. While each platform does the same thing, the two of them are very different. Let’s break down the difference between the two and then how to use both to find awesome photographers- because it’s totally doable!

We find Facebook is designed for longer scrolling- people spend more time on there diving deeper and deeper into data. Users are using Facebook for mining “data” – information on an ex, family member, or someone or something they don’t know.

Facebook allows for searches about people, official pages about notable people, businesses, and so much more. This can be done by searching a particular person or business- you generally have to know the name if the person or the business. We feel Instagram users are searching to find more examples of work that people and businesses have provided to their clients and customers based on a more generic search of a hashtag, like #weddingphotograper. A hashtag is added to posts to make that post searchable in Instagram’s “discover” section. Think of it in a way like a google, but for cultivated images.

With these search abilities comes a lot of data. We are talking about a literal ton (just kidding, you can’t measure it like that. But if you could, it would be at least that much if it could be measured). So how do you decide how to not only use the data but how to sift through the data? If you remember these few key takeaways, you’ll be successful in finding an epic photographer for your big day.

First, do a Google search. Searching things like “wedding photographer, cleveland, oh” is a pretty good search but you can make it even better by searching for something like “journalistic wedding photographer cleveland ohio”. If you add descriptive words you will find that your options are more aligned with what you are looking for. (If you need a refresher on types of wedding photography check out our article- Different Types of Wedding Photography Styles. This will get you right up to speed!) Once you do a google search, click on a few websites you find that have great reviews. Read previous client testimonials and see what they have to say. If a couple was happy with the photographer after spending an entire day with them, you know you have a winner! Jot down a list of the top five that catch your eye, that match your style, and that have great reviews.

Next, take to Facebook! A lot of photographers use their first name, last name, or a combination of both for their business. Do a search on the person and the company- you want to make sure you can get an understanding of this person and how they do business. Look at the business page for a few things- how often they post and what their reviews may be on this site. While Facebook reviews are necessarily make-or-break, they do give a good indication of a companies’ ability to connect with their couples and provide them epic service. Content frequency isn’t the most important but you hope a photographer is posting enough work because they are proud of it and they love what they do. Scroll through and read comments and see what people are discussing on their photos and videos.

Instagram can be another great cross referencing tool. If you narrow down the list to 3-4 photographers make sure you use Instagram to see even more of their work. Most often, photographers use it as a type of real-time portfolio. You’ll see a variety of different images in a really easy to digest format. People often link their Instagram to their Facebook business page and this makes it easier to search their user name. If they didn’t link it, try searching for the business name as a hashtag- for instance, if you search #zangardiphoto you’ll find a lot of our work tied to that. With that, you’ll also find our IG handle (aka username). You can search our page and see a wider snapshot of our past work.

Once you do those steps you’ll have a great understanding of your top choice photographers. This will allow you to see who they are, what they value, and the kind of client experience their past clients have had. After that, email away and ask them about their business!

While this seems like a long to-do list the beauty is you can do these steps in chunks. You can google to create your list on one day, research Facebook on another and look at Instagram on even another day. You’ll find that the stress of finding a photographer has been greatly reduced once you do your research! Happy hunting!